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ACHM4EENS5Close a potential security hole providing unauthorized access to the cc:Mail Post office from the cc:Mail Domino Upgrade Service...
ARS478N2GFix a problem with the GotoField method on a NotesUIDocument not working when the cursor is already in the field.
AKE46W8QSFix a problem with the InStrBP function (multi-byte characters) hanging if the string2 argument is not found in the string1 argument.
ASAI4DFGRPFix text order in title of invitation counter proposal for bidirectional languages.
ASAI4EKCQRDiacritics now display correctly when being entered.
ASAI4DFL6RDialog list in Delegation tab of Mail file Tools\Preferences doesn't launch the Name & Address picker unless one of the fields has already had a name...
ASCR497LFJWhen sending local mail to multiple MIME recipients with encryption turned on if emncryption failed for any of the recipients you would receive a...
AMAD4EKKPZFrames in a frameset can now be toggled left to right for BiDi
ASHH43FUMTFixed problem highlighting search results in documents on Thai version of Windows.
ASHH4HLR8GFixed problem that cause the filtering of Japanese text within attachments to fail . This resulted in failed full text index...
ASIN4FWN8FFix a problem which allowed MIME mail which was supposed to be encrypted to be sent unencrypted. This problem occurred if the sender was working...
ATHS4BB6B2Fixed small memory leak that occurred when opening documents that contained highlights that were found via full text search.
ATHS49KUAKAllow switching User IDs.
ATHS4EEU5VFixed text formatting of Broadcast messages sent by an operator at a Domino server console. The message is now more readable to the...
ATHS4DKMNUFile monitors now check for 'unused' space, and are now consistent with the Monitor document. Previously, they checked for the amount of file 'used'...
ATHS4DQUVFFixed a display problem that caused some background images to be viewable along the edge of the splitter frame within the Files...
AWAG4CWKS4The two signal hander function type declarations, OSSIGPROGRESSPROC and OSSIGREPLPROC, were fixed to contain the correct calling convention for all...
ATHS4C6643Fixed very small memory leak.


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